Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making My Own Baby Food???


So I really want to start making my own baby food now that summer is here and the vegetables and fruits are in season (and cheaper!) But I am having trouble on deciding what food processor to buy! I have looked at so many and I just don't know which one to go with! The pictures are some of the ones I am considering. Do you use any of these and do you recommend them?

I know many of you make your own baby food so if you do, please give me some feedback! Which blender/food processor do you use to make your baby food? Any tips on how to do it?

I would appreciate all your help! Thanks!


Rebecca said...

Hi there, It's hard to believe that I'm almost back here too. I made baby food for my daughter almost two years ago now. I used a food processor but that has since kicked the bucket and been replaced with the magic bullet. I think it will be the perfect tool when the time comes. I also used a ricer. It's a tool to make riced potatoes. You can google it to find images and info if you don't know what one is. I used my ricer to make apple sause and add in other fruit puree. It was real easy to use and ground up the steamed apples very easy. Also it separated the pulp and the skin from the applesauce that dripped into the bottom. Ok for what it's worth I love my magic bullet! So does the hubster. You might consider getting one b/c they are really easy to clean. I found the big ones are a pain to clean. Plus you can use the Gladware mini set to store in freezer and toss in micro if you want something easy aside from cubes. Cubes worked well for me as well. Uh I'm rambling on.
I website I used A LOT is,
Wish you the best! Come visit my blog and feel free to ask any questions. I loved making baby food for my baby!

Stuff Parents Need said...

I use the babycook and I love it. I don't think you have to have a fancy machine, but it does make it easier.

You'll definitely want to get some ice cube trays with covers so that you can freeze the food you make. Once your baby graduates from just eating one or two cubes of the same item, you can create little meals for them. I keep a veggie, grain and a protein (usually something like lentils or tofu) in little sanwich bags, and then keep those sandwich bags in big freezer bags. This makes the meals really easy to grab at dinner time (all I have to do is warm them up).

My other suggestion is to buy whole grains at places like whole foods and start your baby on them as early as possible. At first you'll want to just do rice and oats, but you can quickly graduate to quinoa, barley, rye berries, etc. I found that if they are eating that stuff from the beginning, they will continue to eat it as the months go on, and it is SOOO good for them! Good luck!

Mommy Gator said...

I posted an award for your blog on my site! I love everything about your blog! Thanks so much for sharing!

Carol said...

We used the Magic Bullet. It worked out perfectly for us. It's easy to use and clean and it gets the job done, and without taking up a ton of space in the cabinet. The amount of time you have to puree food is so limited. We started baby on solids at 6 months and by 10 months she was starting to eat table, I don't think that amount of time justifies spending $150 on a baby food maker. I did splurge and buy the baby food trays sold at Williams Sonoma (Beaba). They are $20, made of silicone and freeze food in 1 oz servings, which is the perfect serving size. That worked out better for me than using ice trays.

Making your own food is such a cost savings and so much healthier for baby. It's also a lot easier than it seems and more enjoyable than you'd think too!

The Bailey Family said...

I've used the Babycook since day one and have loved it! Look for a gently used one on eBay if you want to save a couple of bucks. We use a storage system from Babies R Us by "Especially for Baby" and prefer this method over the ice cube trays. It is two stacking shelves with about 20 2 oz individual containers that are microwave and dishwasher safe. Hope that helps!

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