Friday, June 25, 2010

My Weight Loss Journey!

Well, it has been two weeks since I last weighed in....not that good of news today.. I only lost about 1 pound if even...

However, I am not too worried about the scale. That is only a number! My self image and self confidence is coming back as I see my body changing before my eyes! I am finally starting to see a flat stomach, smaller thighs and butt and more tone! That is all I want - I don't care so much about the scale but I want to look and feel good again!

So I will trudge on....I am actually really excited because I have started a great workout routine with my husband ( much better to have a partner!) that I will feature in my Weight Loss Event (see left side for button) on The Review Stew! I have so many great reviews and giveaways coming up that have all taken a part in my weight loss and return of my self confidence!

Stop by often for updates and to check out my progress!

Thanks for the support everyone!



~Ren~ said...

Yay! Keep up the great work.. I'm working on the same :)

E B said...

I am with you! Can't wait to find out the new workout.

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