Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The side effects...

So I have been a little down lately because of the changes my body went through when I was pregnant and right after. For me, it was the stretch marks...I unfortunately gained 12 pounds in 1 week when I was 36 weeks pregnant for no apparent reason. It left me with a lot of very ugly stretch marks on my legs.

This is very hard for me because I worked the whole pregnancy to gain weight at a good rate and work out and walk everyday. Then all of the sudden at the end I gained all this weight...thus the stretch marks...

It really hit home for me when I thought about taking a trip to Florida in March and having to wear a swimsuit. I used to be happy with my body before pregnancy and now I am so embarrassed. I know I can lose the weight but the stretch marks will never go away. It really gets me down. I am even embarrassed in front of my husband..even though he says he doesn't see them :)

However, as I sat and played with my son this morning I thought about if God would have given me a choice before I was pregnant whether I could have this son or no stretch marks-- what would I do? Well, I know with the most certainty that I would have chosen to keep the stretch marks. He was worth all the physical marks.

I will just learn to wear lots of capris and buy a new swimsuit. And every time I get down about it I will just look what I got for the price of those stretch marks.

Sometimes I feel like the only one that has these bad of stretch marks or signs of pregnancy..Are there others who have little sadnesses like this from having a child? Weight that can't be lost, belly bulge that won't go away, wrinkles from stress, marriage problems? What things do you miss about your old body or life? Are they worth losing for your child?

Go look at that beautiful child & Keep your spirits up! I know I am trying to.

So today...I honor all mothers who have sacrificed their bodies, their images, their lives..sometimes be the best mother they can be at the hardest job on earth!


Cara said...

Thanks, Marissa! You are really inspiring to me as you remind us mothers that despite the hardships, we are so blessed!! Thanks for your uplifting blog!

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