Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Growing with my baby...

Well I have been very busy these last two weeks babysitting for my sisters while my parents were out of town. I never thought I would learn so much in those two weeks right along with my son.

I first learned that I CAN get out of the house with him and it is ok :) I learned that he will get used to that car seat and and the car.

I also learned that he loves to watch basketball :) He just sat and stared at his aunties and would not fall asleep even though he was thoroughly exhausted because it was too exciting:)

I learned that my family means the world to me and that my son can work his way into anyones heart with one smile.

I learned that it is ok to share him with others. They won't hurt him, spoil him, or love him any less than I do. He will be ok without me...for a couple of hours.

I learned that it is ok for him to get off his schedule...once in awhile..and that he is actually very good for being exhausted.

I learned that his smiles aren't just for me..but that he loves to give them to everyone. Even if it makes me a little jealous :)

I learned that I can be ok without my husband for 2 weeks...and that I really can do it all :) It is a little tiring but I made it in the end.

I learned that sometimes distance does make the heart grow fonder..and also can just help heal the heart.

I learned that no matter how tired I am I can keep going and the days will go by.

I learned that every day there is something new to learn...it gets me through each day!


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