Monday, May 3, 2010


When I used to live at home with my parents and family, my Dad had a nickname for all 8 fact, we rarely get called by our actual names (it usually meant somebody was in trouble) Sometimes I wondered if my dad really knew our real the names always changed and evolved over the years! I don't think the tradition will continue in my house but my son is so young it is hard to tell! :)

So I will tell you some of my nicknames growing up and a couple that are in my house now...I don't know why I am divulging these embarrassing details of growing up....

My nicknames from my dad - Strong, Straw, Stringtie, Gail (don't ask I have no idea - I am just happy most of mine were girl's names because most of my sisters had boys names as nicknames! :), Marcy, Charlie the Tuna (don't ask again)

Some of the other nicknames in the house for my siblings...Carpetbagger, Cando, Chief, Warrior, Pucky, Tiny, Dave (for my sister), Chick, Chickly

And in my house now:
For my husband: Bubba, honey (boring)
My son: JB, Bubbs, bud bud,
Mine: Baby girl, Honey Bun, honey (boring)

Alright, now that I am completely embarrassed and stripped of any dignity....Have A Great Week!


~Ren~ said...

Hi, I found your link on Cafemom..
Loved your blog!

Robyn Jones said... embarrassing would be if I told you what my dads nick names for me were, but I think I will leave that for a day I really want to humiliate myself...LOL! Found you on Follow Tuesday!

Happy Gramma said...

I was nicknamed "Sam" by my husband when we were going together about 42 years ago. It stuck!! When he calls me by my real name, I wonder what I've done wrong!!
I am tagging along on Tag-along Tuesday! Please come visit me and enter my giveaway for the beautiful baby book. Hurry! the contest ends tomorrow!

Murdock's mama said...

I just found your blog on Tuesday Tagalong & LOVE it! I'm your newest follower! :)


Heather said...

I used to love my dad's nickname for me, "Baby Lady" until I heard him call the dog that once after I'd left for college.

(I may steal this and write a nickname post..hope that's ok.)

Nice to meet you.

I CAN Do It said...

Uh, the nicknames! I can relate. I had two growing up and thankfully they stopped when I moved away from home. (Sneaky trick, but it worked.) One was Shawnee Baby. The other (dread, embarrassment, shaking my head in shame) was Butch. I don't know why or how. I had 7 uncles, maybe that was why? I do know my family was much kinder than my school mates.

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