Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Time IS It?

So I always read about how other mothers are crying about different milestones their baby reaches - first smile, first laugh, sitting up- and I always feel that maybe I am a bad mother because I haven't cried...except when the milestone is my son being up 50 times in one night...that usually brings me to tears...:)

But anyways...I had to finally pack up some of his newborn clothes and put them away the other day. For once, tears actually came to my eyes as I folded up each little piece of clothes. How did this use to fit him??? They used to be soo big on him too! I will never get that little baby back again...it WAS sad!

I must admit...when people always tell me "cherish each day, they grow so quickly!" sometimes I just want to roll my eyes and I think to myself, "I wish he would grow a little quicker. I would like some sleep at night, some "me time", a date night, and maybe less crying!"

But at that moment of putting that lid on the box of newborn clothes, the last couple months of sometimes misery, sometimes laughter, all the time love - flew through my mind and I realized that I do need to take one day at a time and spend the most time with him I can...and love every moment of it!

At least I am sure that is how I will feel for now..until I am up all night again :)


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