Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Toddler Activity: Matching Mommy & Baby Animals

I would love to make more of an effort on this site updating what preschool activities I find around the web and do with my son! There are so many great sites out there that provide preschool learning resources for FREE and I am so appreciative!

Today I want to feature 1+1+1+1 and their awesome Mommy & Baby matching printables! My son LOVES these and has been having a blast matching them up!

 Here are some pics of my son hard at work!

 He would lay them all out on the floor and then find all the mommy and baby pairs! He would then line them up by each other.

He loves to pull these out every morning as he waits for breakfast (thus the pajamas!) :)

Thank you 1+1+1+1 for your hard work and awesome preschool craft and activity ideas!


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