Monday, August 29, 2011

Buying Homes

This is a guest post written by Joseph Sandoval

When I moved recently I was wondering if it was the right decision. I knew my salary had gotten cut but was it rash of me to downsize so soon? The good news was that I got this new place dirt cheap because the market’s so good right now and the even better news (well, kind of) is that I got laid off a month after I moved so it was a really good thing I had decided to downsize! I’ve spent a lot of time making this little place just as great as my old one by adding things like satellite and crown molding to all the rooms. I think when I go to sell it it should be worth a significant amount more than what I paid which is really all you can ask for when it comes to trading in a home. I know I may have jumped the gun but I feel like things like this always have a way of working themselves out in the long run if you let them.


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