Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mystery And Drama With The X-Files

This is a Guest Post contributed by Alfredo Gaines

The best science fiction TV show of all time in my eyes is The X-Files. This show is basically about a team of two FBI agents, and they investigate various cases involving supernatural activity. These two FBI agents deal with some of the most bizarre, and insane extraterrestrial types of activity that has ever been witnessed on television. Over the length of this television show it actually portrays the possibility that the world we live in could actually be much weirder and crazier than we could have ever thought. I used to watch this show all of the time not too l! ong ago with my sister, and now I watch it almost every day.

My favorite character in the show goes by the name of Mulder. Agent Scully is the female, and she is a great character as well. I really like Mulder because I can relate to him, and the way he acts in various scenarios the two are faced with throughout the series. I really love this show because it is not super-fast paced, but at the same it is able to keep me in suspense wondering what is really going on. The show does a really good job of giving me that mystery factor, it is like I am always wondering what the actual plot of the episode is, or what is really going on. I always watch The X-Files, which is my favorite TV show on my satellite TV from

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