Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Did My Smiler Go?

I apologize for not writing on this blog in so long! I have been so busy over at The Review Stew cooking up so many great review and giveaways for all my great readers!!!

However, I have had a ton on my mind but have just pushed it to the back for another day....that doesn't seem to work very often tends to build up and explode at some point. Which may explain why I have been short and impatient with my husband and tiring very easily of the screams and tantrums of my little guy.

First off, where did my smiler go? Where did my little funny, happy baby son go? Somewhere along the 8-9 month mark my happy joyful laughing baby boy disappeared. He has been replaced with a crabby, cranky, whiny, screamy, drooling 9 month old baby! He can't handle me leaving the room and he crieds and whines ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!! I miss my little happy baby.... I know he is teething and growing and learning this silly separation anxiety (who taught him that anyway...) so there are a lot of changes in his life but OH do I miss my little smiler and laugher!

Can anyone tell me how long this will last or when I can expect my happy baby to be returned to me?

That is just one of my issues that I am trying to deal with right now....I will keep the others for another time. I don't want to make you all think I have issues or something.... :o)

Just wanted to let you all know I am still alive over here on The Hardest Job on Earth...even though I might not feel like it somedays...

Feel free to leave me your thoughts, experiences with your 9 month olds, and any encouragement would be great!

This pic will help me remember there is a smile in him somewhere...


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