Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you like to cook?

Ok, so I am going to explain the reason I put up that fun little poll you all have been taking at the top of my blog for the last of couple weeks...

I HATE to cook! I don't find it fun, exciting, rewarding, or challenging...I just hate it. I didn't receive that great cooking gene from anyone...and in all mom doesn't like to cook either..she just had to. And that is kind of how I feel too.

I dont know why...I just feel like it is a burden more than joy. I don't really think it is exciting or fun or rewarding when I accomplish a great recipe...I just feel relief. I dread 4:30 every day when I have to start supper and I hate even more trying to figure out what to cook!

My husband has about as many skills as I do in the kitchen. I always told myself that I was going to marry a chef...hmm...once never turns out quite like you expect. :)  He is hates it and is about as bad as I am...therefore, creating quite a bad meal situation in our house!

However, I have been getting better lately. I am trying really hard to balance it all with my new son and having a good meal ready when my husband gets home! I want to do it for him! I know he loves my meals and always compliments me no matter what they taste like! He is very appreciative and that is what makes it a little easier. I just remember who I am cooking for and that he appreciates it!

But anyways...that is why I did the poll above. I wanted to see if there was any other women out there like me that don't enjoy cooking! I was happy to see that 16 fellow cooking haters are out there! Thanks for the feedback everyone!

If you love cooking...give me some tips to loving it...

If you hate cooking...tell me why and how you do it in your you still cook or does someone else do it?

Happy Monday All!


Anonymous said...

i personally think my wifes cooking is amazing and i cant wait to get home everyday to eat her great suppers. I love the chef at our house. Thanks for cooking honey bunny.

Debbie's L'Bri said...

I hate to cook. I like eating healthy food and no one else does. Ask me to clean and do laundry, I don't mind, but cook yuck!

~Ren~ said...

Thhough I love to cook, I didn't always.. My mother was a horrible cook, so we were raised on Hamburger Helper.. Seriously, every day we ate Hanburger Helper.. So it was either learn to cook or eat that slop until I moved out.. Once I got the hang of a few simple recipes, my family began to engoy it, they even started asking me "whats for dinner?".. As I learned that my family looked forward to what I cooked, I began to enjoy it more.. My husband thinks I am an awesome cook, and my daughter brags about it.. I think the fact that it makes them happy, makes me happy :)

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