Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You know you are a mommy when....

I had a revelation come to me while I was supposed to be taking a nap....And I decided to share it with all of you!:)

You know you are a mommy when....O wait....I mean...you know you are a  mommy, who doesn't get much sleep when...the only two places you wear something besides sweatpants is to church and to get your driver's license photo taken...

Yup that's me for ya...and guess which one of the two is the only place I will put on a little makeup for..yup..you guessed it - the driver's license photo.
Why do I have to go take a photo (that no matter what - looks bad anyway, right?) after the one night my son decided to keep me up all night? Why does life always go that way? Well, I decided I might as well at least TRY to look half way decent.

I just thought it was funny while I was sitting here thinking about my life (when I should have been napping) that I decide to finally wear something besides sweatpants...to get my driver's license picture taken. It is funny that this is the one place I have actually cared about looking good for in the past 5 months! :)

What has my life come to? Actually...where has my life gone?.... is the question! :) Well, I guess you know you are a mommy when the most exciting thing you are looking forward to in a day is dressing up, putting a little makeup on, (maybe even straightening my hair...if I can remember how to use it :), and going to get my driver's license picture taken....Which by the way is very overdue!
I don't know if I can get in trouble for this or not (so just don't tell anyone, ok?:) but I haven't changed it since I lived in a different state - about 3 years ago! It is going to look a little weird when me and my husband go in to change our addresses and he has a license from a different state than I do (that's cause he actually changed his address/state when we moved here 2 years ago ). Add those weird looks from the license people plus the looks we will be getting when my son starts to cry while we are waiting in line, plus the sympathy looks to the tired looking mother who is trying WAYYY to hard to look good for her driver's license photo, and add a husband who is trying to deal with both of us.....

I have decided it is going to be quite the eventful day...Maybe that will make it worth dressing up for! :)

Smile today because...

..."Nothing is worth more than this day." ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Name: Holly Bowne said...

I hope you had an amazing photo opp for your new driver's license!

Tree said...

LOl So true!!

Following you from MBC with both of my blogs!! Visit me when you get a chance! :)

Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)

P.S. I would love to invite you to join our new community network for moms...Mommies Faves Mom Bloggers Network. Hope to see you there soon!

Maxwell Designs said...

Following you too from MBC - very cute blog
Maggie @

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